Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Weekend at My Second Home

This weekend, I had a blast being back at State and celebrating The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. I drove in on Friday and it was a fun time for me because I danced in the car the whole way. I left at 7 am and got there around 2:15 pm. I made really good time! There was no traffic on the roads and the sky was clear which always makes drives so much nicer.

I got in, ran to get some things ready for the picnic on Sunday and then headed to AK's apartment. We ate sugar snap peas and hummus while we caught up. She's the sweetest girl and I love that we became closer this year. We are even living in the same apartment next year! After catching up, we headed out for the night after a good dinner at Noodles and Company. I always get the Japanese Pan Noodles with shrimp and it's always so good. We ended up hanging with my good friends - a bunch of really nice guys, my elusive best friend KW and spent most of the time dancing or singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody.

This is J and he is one of my favorite people. Literally the nicest human being.
Saturday, we went to the actual Arts Fest and saw the art. It was phenomenal. The amount of work people put into their craft is astounding and I can only hope to become that good at my full time job. When you have passion for something, it shows. Unfortunately, you cannot take pictures of the artist's work. Trust me when I say all of the work I saw should be shared with the world. For now, I will be buying a lot more things on Etsy because I know that it will be a quality product. When I finally have the space for the art, my big girl apartment will have a ton of cool handmade art. 

I also got street food - funnel cake! I love funnel cake so much. I have made my own but I am not sure what they do that makes the version you buy on the street so much better than homemade. I also saw a ton of people with chicken on a stick, which was my sister and I's favorite food when we were young. We would chant for it in the back of the car on a Friday. If I ate meat, that would have been the thing to eat this Arts Fest. 

The rest of the day involved watching Magic School on Netflix, getting ready to go out and seeing what other cool things that Arts Fest had to offer. I ended up going out the bar with my women engineer best friends! I was so happy to see them. I always forget how much I miss them until I spend time laughing until my sides hurt and sassing anything in our path. I especially missed my baby thug KH. She is so sweet and I forgot how much fun we have together. Literally, we laugh about everything, plan trips and try new things. What more could you want to do?! She also made peanut butter oreo cheesecake that we ate so much of and I need that recipe STAT.

Ms. KH, in all her adorableness. I am almost a foot taller than her, that's why I call her baby thug.
Sunday morning, I had the picnic I was prepping for on Friday. NSBE and SHPE sponsored a picnic for incoming multicultural freshman. I had to give a speech to them and I was so happy to see the interest of the incoming freshman. We totally need more freshman to get involved as they are the future of engineering. I can't wait to see some of them back on campus in August! I already started getting emails from them about getting involved.

I packed up at Amy's, changed into comfy clothes, and packed my car up. I brought so much stuff for one weekend. Amy was leaving at the same time but she ended up staying because of some car issues. I got stuck in two hours of traffic and didn't get home until after 12:30 at night. It was totally worth it to see my people! This weekend, I am going to Providence to see my sister and my mom, as well as a Cape Verdean baby shower. I am so excited!

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