Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lean In

It took me so long to get this book and yet when I got it, I could not put it down! As an engineering woman, I know that I want my career to be big and to lead teams and possibly my company one day. To do this, I did not realize how many things hold women back and this book allowed me to absolve my guilt for some of these things and want to work through having kids to make an impact on the world. 

Sheryl Sandberg does a great job of mixing studies, stories and soul into a book about something that no one wants to talk about. Leaning in is something that our male friends and bosses have to keep on the brain as well. I am in awe of how many things in this book were relevant to me but there are three main points that I took away from this book.
  • Ask for help, ask for leadership, ask for guidence and mentorship - JUST ASK!
  • Find a support system - a partner with equal footing, family, great friends and mentors
  • Believe in yourself and take risks to grow and become better
I got my book from Amazon but it is allover the country in bookstores or in libraries. If you are wanting a career and want to have great leadership - read this book! 

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