Friday, August 14, 2015

Cincinnati in a Weekend

For work, I got to visit a plant that makes transmissions. It was super cool and I had a great time learning about how my company influences the transmissions made there. After the tour,  I was done at 10:30 so I headed over to the Cincinnati Art Museum. It's located outside the city a little bit in a park and it's gorgeous.

After going through a couple galleries a stop at the museum cafĂ© for lunch. I got a cumin sweet potato sandwich and some lemon tea. It was fab and it's seasonal so if you get a chance you should totally head over there to have for lunch or dinner! 

I love any art museum but I really love the Chihuly they had in the lobby. My guide told me the Chihuly was actually assembled at the site and he made the glass pieces nearby. That makes the piece extra special and another fun fact is that it's actually modeled after grapes.

Another one of my favorite pieces was this wall of Islamic tiles that was donated by someone who lived over there for a long time that was so gorgeous. I hope I can find someone who can read it to me but I believe it's based for prayer and for religious mediation. 

After the museum I headed over to Taste of Belgium and had a great dessert - a Wafflgato. It's as simple as combining a fresh waffle, vanilla gelato and espresso! 

One of my friend's, well new friend, parents came up for the weekend so we had dinner and Indian restaurant. This is a Samosa that is smushed and covered in chutney and vegetables.

My friend had an event for all the graduates of her rotational program so we headed over to the casino in Cincinnati to hang out with them. I am wearing ColourPop Bumble on my lips and some Rimmel pencils. Clothes wise, I am wearing earrings from H&M and an old dress from Old Navy. 

The shoes in this picture are from Target and the bag is actually from a set of makeup bags that I got from Fossil. 

We had a great time going out on the town in Cincinnati and went to bed at a decent time. We woke up and made homemade brunch. I cannot wait to feature this recipe that BB made for me while I was there and it was delicious!

Afterwards we headed to IKEA which is my favorite store so I was super excited. I'm wearing a GAP T-shirt and a maxiskirt with my normal Longchamp and wedges.  I got a ton of different foods and cooking items so I am excited to work with those in my kitchen at home. I also really enjoyed the herring in sauce that they sell there and you should pick it up if you are in IKEA soon.  

Isn't this dresser so rad? I want to make some art like this or replicate this dresser! 

We met up with my new friend again to eat at a restaurant called Ruth's. They have a lot of vegetarian options and even a lot of meat options so it's a great restaurant to meet up with people. 

We went out  for the night in the Hyde Park area and I got to meet BB's comedy mentor and some other friends. And then we woke up in the morning, we went back to Taste of Belgium again and we got smoked salmon baguettes and a lemon curd and lavender sugar crepe. It was still just as good the second time around. 

BB was headed to a leadership academy in New York while I headed to Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati before heading home. It was so good to spend time with her because she's funny and busy and I admire her work ethic. 

Jungle Jim's is a huge grocery store that has literally everything you can possibly think of. They have food and from countries, in different languages or people. If they don't have it, they will order it for you! They literally have everything so I bought a bunch of stuff like beauty products, food, and basically everything ! I'll be slowly blogging about it all as I get through because I spent a lot of money there but it was awesome. 

After a quick drive home, I did some laundry, cooked some lunch and passed out for work the next day! 

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