Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cooking is the BEST De-stressing Activity.

When I signed up to be conference planning chair, treasurer and a chair in a philanthropy, I thought I was gonna be okay and I basically am. There are many days where I go from activity to activity and barely have 15 minutes to myself but there are days when I have an hour in the afternoon and I can just cook, relax and read. Since I live a little further off campus. I usually go home around 2-3 to eat lunch and prepare a little dinner to bring back to campus.

Some of my favorite creations have been:

Lentil Quinoa Chili and Homemade Creamed Corn Cornbread
Homemade Snicker Doodles and Warm Vanilla Milk

Tilapia and Pasta with modified Scampi Sauce
Recipes to follow soon!

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