Friday, September 5, 2014

Engineering and Exercising

As an engineer, I have so much work to do always. Homework, exams, and the ever present project take up so much time - even in the first 3 weeks of school! I always find or make time for me and that is usually working out or going to yoga. This is how I fit it in!

1. Make a set time in your Google Calendar. If you have a reminder set, that is even better. I always put it in to my day and that really helps me to go most of the time. 

2. Make it a date - besides it being in my calendar, I always make a date with a friend to go. So many people are trying to be fit at school - make someone go with you that day. After you can even get salads or smoothies to reward yourself and gab. Being so busy means that I value time with my friends and fitness dates are a great way to see them :) 

3. Lastly, I alternate cardio with strength. I started the week after Labor Day with some plain gym cardio. I usually do 20 minutes of the bike, 20 minutes on the elliptical and then 20 minutes on the stair master. I also keep a moderate pace. 

Wednesday, I went to Full Body Workout - a mix of cardio and strength with weights. Thursday, I killed myself in Calorie Killer and finished Friday with Butts and Guts. Saturday is Game Day which I will end up standing all day at but I don't consider that a workout.  I will be working out on Sunday - either running or some sort of pilates class. Making time everyday and switching it up keeps it fresh for me. 

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